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Find exercises and fitness tips with Exercises.com.au - Australia's Premier Exercise And Fitness Website!

Search our site for hundreds of exercise videos that you can follow along with at home or at the gym!

Find exercises for every body part including chest, shoulders, back, abs, arms, legs, calfs, forearms, biceps, triceps, traps and glutes!

Read hundreds of articles to discover how to build muscle and get strong!

There's plenty of exercises for men and women as well as kids health tips, not to mention pregnancy fitness and more!

Want to tone up - checkout our articles that tell you what to eat and what to avoid to get toned fast!

Improve you fitness with info and tips on fitness exercises and race info such as marathons, triathlons and adventure races!

And if you're looking to lose weight we have plenty of tips on nutrition and the best exercises for weight loss to help you drop the kg's and keep them off!

And for those who want to build strength, checkout out our strength training articles to get the best info on building strength fast!

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